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Tides of Change - Official Documentary

Tides of Change is a documentary about marine debris in Atlantic Canada with a primary focus on Cape Breton Island. A unique blend of science, solutions, concerns and artistic expressions.


The goal of the film is to spread awareness about the issues associated with abandoned, lost, discarded fishing gear, and other forms of marine debris such as single-use plastics; while answering fundamental questions.

How does marine debris end up in our oceans?

What are the impacts?

What's being done to address the problem?

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Project Team

Chris Ross - Photographer, videographer

Dylan Yates - Producer, editor, interviewer


Dr. Dana Mount Cape Breton University


Jen Cooper Acap Cape Breton

Alexa Goodman Master of Marine

Management Dalhoushie University 

Joel Bazuik The Global Ghost Gear Initiative


Kurt Simmons Marine Biologist

Pat Young Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Cape Breton Fish Harvesters Association

Dauphne Campbell Tuesday's Stuff

Laura Brophy Local diver 

Dr. Bruce Hatch Cape Breton University

Paul Strome Blue Dot Movement, Council of Canadians


Elizabeth Whalley & Joyce Najimo Artists 

Dyan Yates Cape Breton Environmental Association

Kaitlyn Cann Cape Breton Environmental Association 

Chris Ross Photography and Videography


Contact: (902) 371-3487


Laura Brophy Local Diver
Jordan Macdonald Local Diver
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